How To Give Your Woman A Full Body Eye Rolling To The Back of Her Head Orgasm Guaranteed!

This article is about full body female orgasms. They have nothing to do with the small little moans and groans female orgasms. All women are capable of achieving these types of uncontrollable body shaking orgasms. Nevertheless very few actually do

Let’s begin by introducing you to the different types of orgasms a woman can have. You’ll learn about a simple yet powerful technique you can use to give your woman a mind blowing very intense G-Spot orgasm.

You will also be introduced to female ejaculation or squirting orgasms, which are one of the most powerful orgasms any woman can ever have.

The Different Types of Female Orgasms.

There are two basic types of orgasms a woman can have – a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm.

A clitoral orgasm is the most common type of orgasm a woman experiences. It comes from direct stimulation of the clitoris.

This is also typically how a woman masturbates and experiences an orgasm during masturbation and it is also a very powerful way how we can give her an orgasm via oral sex when done correctly.

You may know that a woman’s tiny clitoris has as many nerve endings as a man’s entire penis. So, as you can imagine this area of her body is incredibly sensitive and when you stimulate it correctly you can give her a very strong orgasm.

However, the thing about clitoral orgasms is they’re more of a localized type of orgasm. Now don’t get me wrong, they’re still an orgasm and that’s OK. However, women describe the sensation of a clitoral orgasm as being more local to the genitals, and not so much as the full body experience that women can have from vaginal orgasms.

Another thing about clitoral orgasms is women are typically able only to have one orgasm at a time. The reason for this is after a woman has a clitoral orgasm her clitoris gets overly sensitive and sometimes almost sore, so it makes it difficult for you to go back and continue to stimulate her and give her another orgasms. Whereas with vaginal orgasms women can have multiple.

Intense Vaginal Orgasms

Vaginal orgasms come from direct stimulations inside a woman’s vagina via either the G-Spot or the A-Spot. Vaginal orgasms are more of a full body experience. And as we mentioned before a woman with vaginal orgasms is capable of having multiple orgasms. In fact, once you give her one vaginal orgasm she’ll become orgasmic and be able to have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. And vaginal orgasms can also lead to female ejaculation also know as squirting orgasms, which we’ll cover in just a little bit.

Now, as powerful of a feeling it is for a woman to have a vaginal orgasm, sadly only 20% of women have actually ever experienced a vaginal orgasm. That means 80% of women don’t even know what it feels like to have a vaginal orgasm. And even more disturbing is 29% of women have never had an orgasm at all. Which is just mind blowing because can you imagine having sex and not having an orgasm? But sadly that’s the reality for so many women when every single woman is actually capable of having full body orgasms. This is why it’s important to educate yourself about female orgasms so you understand how to give them to your partner. It’s a chance to touch her in a way that no man has ever done before, and really if you’re the first guy to give her a full body vaginal orgasm she’ll love you for it.

How to Stimulate the G-Spot With Your Finger

You’re going to learn a simple G-spot orgasm technique and how you can stimulate her directly using your finger.

But before that, I want to make a couple of points first. Any time you penetrate a woman with your fingers like I’m about to describe make sure you always use plenty of lubricant. Even if you think she might be wet enough you’re going to be applying a lot of firm pressure so it’s always good to have a really good lubricant. I personally prefer to have 100% grapeseed oil. I’m talking about the food grade grapeseed oil that you can find at most grocery stores. I think it’s a great lubricant, it feels very natural. It’s very healthy for the inside of a woman’s vagina, and externally it makes a really great massage oil. So, it’s all around great! But grapeseed oil is not safe for condoms, so if you’re going to be using a condom for intercourse afterwords, make sure you use a water based lubricant. Something like Astroglide to add a little bit of lubrication. Hey, and I don’t sell Astroglide, in case you’re wondering.

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